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  • Colchester, Essex, UK
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I am a digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant with 9 years experience within the search marketing industry.

As an established team member at one of the UK’s leading integrated digital marketing agencies, I have to ability to bring maximum exposure and maximum ROI to businesses of all sizes, providing technical search marketing advice, consultancy and strategy to small-medium size enterprises such as DNA Kids, Matrix Uniforms and Rose Calendars, national organisations such as British Safety Council, HCA Hospitals, and Hillarys through to global brands such as Direct Asia, Cartoon Network and Cengage Learning.

Throughout my time as a digital marketing consultant I have developed a comprehensive technical knowledge of SEO and thorough understanding strategic search marketing, supported by a programming background with extensive knowledge of PHP and fluent knowledge of common web languages including as HTML/CSS. I also boast a thorough understanding of tools and techniques used to measure performance and demonstrate ROI.

The continuous evolution of search marketing requires an eye on the ball at all times, ensuring my skills and my ability to adapt to the latest technical advancements is always at the cutting edge.

My time as Technical Team Leader at High Position has enabled me to expand managerial experience providing the opportunity to hone my skill in staff management, coaching and project management.

I class myself as a knowledgeable, intelligent, honest and genuine individual who is driven by success, and I pride myself on developing long-standing client relationships. My public recommendations cite just a few examples of my ability drive success.

Specialties: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Internet Marketing, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, HTML, CSS, MS IIS, Google Analytics, e-commerce intergration, MS Office, mod_rewrite / ISAPI rewrite, project management, strategic planning.


Anglia Ruskin University2002 - 2005

BSC Hons Computer Software Engineering

Colchester Institute2001 - 2002

BTEC Information & Communication Technology

Colchester Institute2000 - 2001

GNVQ Information & Communication Technology

Colne Community School1993 - 1998


My Skill Set
  • SEO / SEM
  • Digital Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Web Analytics
  • Link Removal
  • Digital Strategy
  • Local SEO
  • CRO

High Position November 2010 - Present

Senior SEO Consultant / Technical Team Leader

As a Senior SEO Consultant and Technical Team Leader at High Position I have a multi-dimensional, complex role with a wide variant of responsibilities.

Foremost my role entails the daily management of High Position’s team of technical experts, ensuring that as a team we perform efficiently, effectively and to our maximum potential, working in coordination to provide the highest level of service to our client base.

I am also responsible for elements of training/staff development, overseeing/deriving search marketing strategies, problem resolution, and expectation management for High Position’s client base, alongside similar duties.

In addition to team management, my primary role also entails the management of some of High Position's longest serving clients. Responsibilities include campaign strategy/forecasting, delivery of technical counsel, liaising with clients’ web developers/development agencies, performance monitoring/ROI reporting, written/verbal communication, expectation management and all related areas of search engine marketing.

Beyond my role as primary my duties extend to the development and marketing of High Position. I played an instrumental role in the development of High Position’s link audit/link removal process following Google’s Penguin updates and the demise of traditional link acquisition techniques. I have also played an integral role in the development of High Position’s local citation offering and, as search evolution continues, I have an on-going commitment to re-define, re-evaluate and deploy other areas of High Position’s technical process when/where applicable.

Outside of these duties I have naturally inherited other duties including the daily management of High Position’s social media profiles as well as regular contribution to the High Position blog. I also have a responsibility to plan and oversee technical advancement such as High Position’s recent migration from HTTP to HTTPS and the release of the associated whitepaper.

High Position March 2009 - November 2010

Senior SEO Specialist / SEO Team Leader

From my role as an SEO Specialist at High Position I quickly acquired the role of Senior SEO Specialist and SEO Team Leader.

As well as continuing my responsibility as SEO Specialist I adopted the responsibility of team leader, overseeing the performance of a team of High Position's SEO specialists, content writers and link requisitioners.

High Position November 2007 - March 2009

SEO Specialist

As SEO Specialist at High Position my duties entailed the daily management of a number of High Positions clients.

Within this role my responsibilities included daily written/verbal communication our client base, search marketing strategy planning, delivery of technical recommendation to improve search compliance and improve organic search performance, performance monitoring, monthly reporting and ad-hoc performance reporting.

I also had the responsibility of personal development to ensure I continually development and maintained sufficient knowledge of the search marketing industry.


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