How To Delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll via Command Prompt

Delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll via Command Prompt.

filterpipelineprintproc.dll and relevant files/folders are temporary files which are generally left on the operating system drive after installation of the .NET framework. Often the files are not automatically removed after installation of .NET and present an “access denied” error upon manual deletion.

Microsoft State:

Issue 1
After you install the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, there is an arbitrary folder that is generated in the root of drive C. This folder contains two subfolders that are named amd64 and i386. These two subfolders both include the following files:

* Filterpipelineprintproc.dll
* Msxpsdrv.inf
* Msxpsinc.gpd
* Msxpsinc.ppd
* Mxdwdrv.dll
* Xpssvcs.dll

These files were pending to be deleted from the XPSEPSC installation.

To resolve this issue, delete the folder manually.

A big sarcastic well done again to Microsoft for providing a resolution of “to resolve this issue, delete the folder manually”!! That won’t work when you mark the folders/files with Access Control List permissions!!!

Delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll

In may cases the files cannot be deleted manually as the error message “Access Denied” is presented upon deletion. Before proceeding please backup the files in case of any issues.

On Windows XP SP3 I tried to delete through DOS, Safe Mode and such like to no avail. Finally I found a way to delete the folder using cacls to modify the Access Control List permissions.

On Windows XP:

  • Click ‘Start’
  • Choose ‘Run’
  • Type ‘cmd’ to start Command Prompt
  • Type ‘cacls.exe [DRIVE LETTER]:\[Folder Name] /T /G [Your Windows Account Name]:F‘ – without the quotes
    • within the command prompt type del [DRIVE LETTER]:\[Folder Name]
    • or
    • Navigate to the folder, and delete.
  • Volia! Job Done!

This process worked for me so hopefully it will work for you too!

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